11.07.22 Agenda Intros What’s New Upcoming Events How We’re Doing Reminders Q & A Intro’s Name How Long You’ve Worked Here Favorite Holiday Dish Upcoming Events Election Day - Tomorrow! Breweries VS Frostbite Nov 22nd Gift Tree Program Nov 22nd - 9th (Charity ideas?) Thanksgiving Thurs Nov 25th (Closed) Christmas Eve (Early Close) Christmas Day (Closed) New Years Day Sun Jan 1st (Cask Closed limited hours at Front) Sunday Feb 12th - Superbowl Party/ Employee Holiday Party What’s New - On calls now have an AM/PM for weekends. May do this for weekdays as we get into cold season dispensing on necessity and employee availability - Start putting soy containers in the cooler at night to help with FFs - Music setup at cask will be getting revamped - All liquor is in the cask entry - Beyond burger will be changing to a “Simply Burger” from sysco (next week?) - Everyone up to date on desserts? *New buttons for ice cream and whole pies* - GF Menu has been ordered should be in shortly What’s New - Holiday Meals - Meals for 2 to 10 people ( meat, 2 sides, dessert) - Pickup is from 2pm to 8pm on 11/23 - DO NOT FIRE ORDERS - Employees can order and CAN use 25% off - To go drinks, station at front (available for other orders as well) *good recommendation to tables as they are leaving* What’s New - Cask and Co Club - Coins handed out for outstanding teamwork, leadership, or helping a guest - Up to MOD discretion - A *positive* google review with your name included is an automatic 5 coins - Coins can be redeemed whenever you wish - You keep your coins, managers will have a log as well - You will not be deducted coins - If system is abused we will discontinue / reprimand - Up to you if results are published weekly w/ employee update or kept private 10: Free App 20: Free Dinner up to $20 30: $25 Giftcard to Cask/Front 40: $25 Giftcard of your choice 50: Free shirt/hoodie 60: Custom cocktail feature for a week 70: $50 cash or check 80: Write own schedule for a week 90: NCG movie and dinner for 2 pass 100: 3 day/ 2 night vacation and additionals Current Online Reviews 1. Cask 4.5 - 3 mo’s running - 11 five stars - 5 four stars 2. Front 4.3 - 3 mo’s running - 3 five stars - 1 four star How do we change these 4 stars into 5 stars? Shout Out! Maria - Overall been a rockstar, especially behind the bar & with changes Passed 3 Fridays have been amazing, good job all. Reminders - Cracking down on details like uniforms, phones, etc - Calling into restaurant or MOD for your shift NOT messaging the group online - Keeping the dessert case tidy (thank you) I.E. sticker placement, rotation, facing of the cakes - Double checking to go orders for items AND sauces, chopsticks etc - Keeping closes A+ , use fluorescent lights if it helps - Please keep cash drops tidy (Emily, Colin, Kenzie) - Clean linens inside from now on, dirty still go in shed *ALL BAGS NEED TO BE TIED FIRST* - Checking employee updates every Tuesday (password 3415)